Featured ALBUM: I Choose To Love - Digital EP

The I Choose to Love EP contains three new songs from Steve. The songs are “I Choose to Love”, “As My Heart Becomes a Throne” and “He Can”. All three songs were written by Steve and Cody McVey.  

Cody arranged and orchestrated the songs, which were recorded in Nashville with Steve conducting the orchestra and Steve’s long-time friend and colleague, Bill Schnee, doing the engineering and mixing.

“As My Heart Becomes a Throne” and “He Can” are lyrics that Steve has been working on for years. Cody and Steve collaborated on the final lyrics and music for all three songs.

“He Can” reflects on the awesome power of God to handle challenges and situations way beyond our control. “It’s not about what I cannot do because I know He can.”

“As My Heart Becomes a Throne” is created as a contemporary hymn with three stanzas. The lyric communicates the desire of the believer to surrender and submit to the King who should have first place in the life of each believer. Hopefully churches will embrace this new worship song.

“I Choose to Love” was written out of Steve’s experiences in Washington, DC engaging with members of Congress. As believers, we are called to love others regardless of race, religion or political differences.

Accompaniment tracks are available for all three songs, and sheet music is available in our Store, in both physical and digital formats.

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